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Over 20 years experience in ESPN, CNN, BBC TV Commercial, filming. Nominated for the 87th OSCARS Academy Awards in 2015.


Our completed commercials and website projects have proven our genius' creative work in all fields including filming and web development.


Reliability is the main reason why I select YOUCAI and move all my related business to them-----Client'Meiji'



Youcai Inc. has three companies: YOUCAI PICTURES, AsianFoodMap, CPower.

As a Unite States based incorporation, Youcai Inc. was born with the demand of the current art and economic market in China and Unite States. With the genius from the Unite states and China, YOUCAI can lead new technologies and create impressive films, commercials and web technology.

Youcai Pictures(Unite States) and Goya Pictures(China) have been filming over 60 commercials and feature films per year. The short film 'Butter Lamp' was nominated for Academy Awards(2015) and won over 100 awards around the wrold.

AsianFoodMap.com is a creative website which is expert on food online ordering service. Based on the market statistics, the Asian foods online ordering is high rated for its best user-friendly interface than other ordering websites. With the background of commercials for asian restaurants over the past three years in the Unite States, AsianFoodMap has great food photo and restaurant video resources and makes the AsianFoodMap is the only website can provide such detailed media services for customers who want to know what the food looks like before ordering.

CPower web technology provide all web services including web design, web development, API development, hosting service ect. Over 100 websites development experience from restaurant website to enterprise website.



We provide TV commercials and film production services. We have the capability to help Chinese and American film or commercial production work in the Unite States and China. We also provide photography services for products, wedding, music video.
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AsianFoodMap is a creative online food ordering website. Based on the commercial and work experiences for the restaurants, great deal of food photos, restaurant commercials and asian culture background, only us can let you know what is the real asian food.
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We have built great deal beautiful and impressive websites. Our designers and developers are over 15 years experiences and can build website for small/large business, restaurnat, hotel, online store, and even over $2M projects.
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These are our clients we worked for or commercials our directors involved (All trademarks, logos rights belong to their companies)