Asian Food Map

AsianFoodMap is an online ordering website, targeting Asian restaurants in America. As a one-site social media service provider, we are also gradually monopolizing the America food network, and formatting an ecological chain. Based in the United States and serving customers nationwide while focusing on Asian cuisine, we are going to be the largest oversea online ordering website.

Why AsianFoodMap?

Find the authentic Asian food

Only Asian people who grow in asian countries know which is teasty Asian food. You will realize that's the right food you want to eat.

Plenty Food Pictures

Is risky to order without know what the food looks like? Now, you will smile when you order at AsianFoodMap, because you can see all the photo pictures.

User-Friendly interface

We know how time-consuming to place an order is. Now, we spent over 1,000 hour to develop a faster and safer way to order food online. Save 28% time when you order at AsianFoodMap. Your food will arrive faster.

Exclusive Deal

That's why AsianFoodMap is better than others. All restaurant owners give us the exclusive deals and we share with you all the time or at a specific time. You can randomly select one restaurant to figure out. We also offer great prize such as flight ticket to a Asian country by redeeming your reward points.